From the meticulous task involved in agreeing the final design to the detailed planning application process right through to the tender process, the early aspects of a refurbishment project are the most important, as they set the foundation for the project going forward.

RH Building Consultants understand that the "devil is in the detail" when it comes to refurbishment projects and we pride ourselves in our preparation and planning for all projects that we are involved in.

Our services are spread across a wide spectrum of the project from its inception right through to its completion. We take responsibility from the outset, appointing the most cost efficient and reliable building contractor and managing all contractors, sub contractors, mechanical and electrical consultants and all other parties to the contract through all stages of the project as well as keeping you the client updated with all the important aspects, such as timescale, quality of work and most importantly cost.

Even after the completion of the works on site, we ensure all snagging items have been completed; all final accounts are correct and accurate and provide you with all the necessary documentation and certificates.

If you require any advice in relation to the services we can offer you, then please feel free to contact us. We'd be glad to help.